Minimum Order Quantity

2.5m for non-stocking envelopes.

Over/Under Policy

Custom Manfactured Envelopes that are also Jet printed and/or apply Zip Strip or Latex Seal:
2.5m – 5m = 30%
6m – 20m = 20%
21m + = 10%

Convert Pre-Printed Sheets:
2.5m = 20%
5m – 9m = 15%
10m – 25m = 12%
26m – 49m = 11%
50m – 100m = 10%

Jet vs. Flexo Printing

Flexo (Inline):
A form of printing using flexible rubber plates that transfers the ink through direct contact with uncoated paper. Printing and folding are done complete in one operation. It uses ink that is water based for fast drying and environmentally friendly. It can print 2 colors outside and 1 color inside (tint). Typically for larger quantity orders. Please allow 1/4″ minimum bleeds due to +/- 1/16″ variance on equipment. Screens should be 65 lines per inch.

Jet (Offline):
A printing press setup to print on already manufactured envelopes (uncoated stock only). The Jet process is typically much more economical than flexo printing for shorter runs. Jet printing offers very good image quality, low minimums and fast turnaround on standard envelopes. Custom envelopes can also be Jet printed. It can print up to 4 colors front and back, fine line screens, halftones, medium coverage, close registration and partial bleed. Please allow 1/4″ minimum bleeds due to +/- 1/16″ variance on equipment.

Payment Terms


All First time stock orders must be paid COD by credit card, cashier’s check or money order. (We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover)
All first time custom orders must be paid in advance by any of the above options.

For Second time orders, company check is sufficient.
*Stock orders are COD.
*For custom orders, terms are 50% down, balance COD.
Thereafter, COD terms apply for all orders until credit is established.
For shipped COD orders, when payment can’t be collected on delivery (ex: shipping to your customer), payment must be received prior to shipping.

What is an Order Acknowledgement?

An Order Acknowledgment is a confirmation from Inland that we have received and processed your order. It contains all information regarding your order, including the envelope size, special specs, quantity ordered, due date, price per thousand ($/m), and the name of the customer service rep who is handling this order for you. You should receive your Order Acknowledgment within 24 hours of submitting your order. If you do not recieve it, please call us. Also, please call us if there is any wrong information regarding your order.

Please click on the image below for an example of an Order Acknowledgement:

Combo Printing

We can only combo print envelopes that are the same size and ordered together.
For example:   20m Combo Jet 1/0 –  5m #10 Regular, & 15m #10 Standard Window

Why do I need to approve a proof?

While we take extra care in working on your order, errors can occur. A proof shows the copy as well as specifications. Difficulties in interpreting information, software glitches and the potential for human error can all cause mistakes. Because of this we require that customers thoroughly review all elements of a proof and sign an approval before proceeding. Inland Envelope is not responsible for any errors in the final manufacturing and printing that appear on the proof.

Is my client relationship protected if you print for me?

Absolutely! As a trade-only printer, you can trust that we will not discuss details of your job with other customers, and we will never approach your client without your prior consent.

Why can’t I get a quote while I wait on the phone?

In order to remain competitive, we work up all custom manufacturing and printing jobs on a case by case basis.  Every job is different and this way we are able to provide you with a price tailored to your specific needs.  The more complex you request, the more time we need to ensure that we are giving you a competitive price. Guesstimates or matrix prices are almost never in your financial best interest.


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